Futurama Fonts

Alien Alphabet Two font was updated on January of 2008.

Futurama Bold Font v2.1 (11KB)
Made by Darrell Johnson & Leandro Pardini
Futurama Title Font v1.2 (8KB)
Made by Darrell Johnson
Futurama Alien Alphabet One v2.0 (16KB)
Made by AdamBOT (based on v1.6 by D. Johnson and L. Pardini, compatible with OS X)
Futurama Alien Alphabet One v1.6 (10KB)
Made by Darrell Johnson & Leandro Pardini
Futurama Alien Alphabet Two v2.4 (6KB)
Made by Leandro Pardini

How to install (Windows): First, download the font files to a place you remember (I recommend your desktop, as you can find it really easily later). Then, click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. A window will open; in that window, double-click the Fonts icon. A new window will open, showing all the fonts you have installed. On that Window, open the File menu and click on 'Install new font'. A new window will appear; in the bottom-left corner of that window, there is a list of folders. Locate the folder where you downloaded the font files and double-click on it. Once you select that folder, the Futurama font names will appear in a list at the top. Click the Select All button, make sure the little box that says "Copy files to the Fonts folder" is checked, then click OK. The fonts should be installed then, and now you can delete the files you downloaded from whatever folder you downloaded them to, and use the fonts in any program.